Christoulakis Glass creations is working with Italian FACE automations to supply and install automated entry systems.
FACE is a company founded by a team of experts in the design, production and marketing of automation.
Many of the most valuable features and innovations that characterize FACE’s quest for optimal safety, efficiency and energy savings are combined in the SL3L ,SL4A and SL5A sliding door.

The FACE automatic doors are pioneered, and have complete equipment such as motion and presence sensors, electromechanical lock, battery kits for autonomous operation in the event of a power failure.

The mechanism is the only one to offer 54% energy savings and holds the 2018 R + T Innovation Award.

They are also available in telescopic for a 30% larger passage.SLTA
Emergency for escape exits. SL4E and SLTE
As well as automatic panic doors with rotating panels by 90 °.

The Italian FACE automatic doors are fully harmonized with EN 16005 in safety, and have a German TUV certification.

Face τηλεκοντρόλ για την διαχείριση αυτόματων θυρών

The mechanism is the only one to offer 54% energy savings and holds the 2018 R + T Innovation Award. It also has FACE SRC (Remote Control Smart phone), an application that enables the management of FACE automatic ports through the NFC connection between the FSD1 function selector and your smart phone.

Energy saving

The international recognition of this success is to win the Innovation Award for Energy Efficiency at the R + T 2018 in Stuttgart.

FACE electronic board

Technologically advanced. Fully upgradeable at any time via USB. Easy adjustment.

Greater reliability

The absence of the reducer also reduces the maintenance costs resulting from its natural wear and tear.

Quiet and comfortable

The absence of brushes and the lack of gear make automation extremely quiet and ideal for areas requiring low noise levels.

Αυτομάτες πόρτες face πρώτες στην εξοικονόμηση ενέργειας

Certificates and Catalogs

Face S.r.I
TUV Certificate
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