Τομή διπλόύ ενεργειακού υαλοπίνακα

The term “Energy Glass” has been used in recent years as a free translation of the term “Energy efficient glass” to identify that category of glass, which has characteristics that make it difficult to transfer heat from one side to another, thereby contributing to the energy saving.

These glass panels have been a breakthrough in insulation materials technology because they exhibit remarkably higher thermal insulation performance than all types of glass panels known to date.
*220% improvement in thermal insulation compared to common double glazing and 400% more than single glazing!

In the company Cristoulakis Glass Creations, as a member of POEVY (Hellenic Association of Glass Craftsmen) we have the necessary certificates and know-how for the design, manufacture and installation of 3rd generation Energy Glazing. Contact us for the energy upgrade of your building.

Low-e Double Glazing

1. High thermal insulation

With 3rd generation LOW-E glass panels for increased insulation capabilities in the building's glass.

2. Safety and Comfort

With PVB laminated glass for improved safety in the event of breakage and anti-burglary protection.

Τομή διπλόύ ενεργειακού υαλοπίνακα

3. High sound insulation

With additional PVB silence to significantly reduce the transfer of the annoying external noise.

4. Solar Protection

With 4-season solar control panels for cool in summer.

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