SW5 automatic  door mechanism.

At Christoulakis Glass Creations, we are welcoming for the first time in Greece the Italian FACE SW5 automatic door .

A) The basic FACE platform is powerful and unique. It is designed from scratch for unlimited software development capabilities / applications. In this way, FACE replaces sending precise electromechanical components with simple files.

The FACE Automatic Door  Mechanism makes available:

Up-to-date software that can be downloaded free of charge directly to a USB device, allowing easy and fast upgrade to the latest generation software.
Custom design software that can be emailed directly to the client for immediate upgrade of the electronic control board.

B) Electronic Function Selector

The FACE, FSD1 and FSD4 power modes are equipped with a touch screen that is easy to use and intuitive to use.

The approval process for using the device has three different levels of selection:

1) Always on: the device can be used by anyone.

2) Activated by simply touching the FACE logo for 3 seconds.

3) Activated by contactless card (FSD1) or numeric code (FSD4) without the use of “mechanical” keys.

The FSD1 is also set up to interact directly with NFC-enabled smartphones.


FACE smart phone applications allow the management of FACE sliding and opening automatic doors.

You can use them simply by connecting your smartphone to the FSD1 function selector via the NFC connection, without buying any additional devices.


-Enable the function selector.

-Enter priority using smartphone as signal.

-Search for maintenance services.


-Set and modify the operating parameters.

-Remove the operating parameters of a door and load them into other installations that require the same operating parameters. Received parameters can be transferred via Whatsapp or via email to many recipients for consultation.

-Maintenance Diagnostics: reading alarms, number of cycles, etc. Parameters received can be transferred via Whatsapp or email to many recipients for consultation.



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