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SW5 automatic door mechanism.

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SW5 automatic  door mechanism.

At Christoulakis Glass Creations, we are welcoming for the first time in Greece the Italian FACE SW5 automatic door .

A) The basic FACE platform is powerful and unique. It is designed from scratch for unlimited software development capabilities / applications. In this way, FACE replaces sending precise electromechanical components with simple files.

The FACE Automatic Door  Mechanism makes available:

Up-to-date software that can be downloaded free of charge directly to a USB device, allowing easy and fast upgrade to the latest generation software.
Custom design software that can be emailed directly to the client for immediate upgrade of the electronic control board.

B) Electronic Function Selector

The FACE, FSD1 and FSD4 power modes are equipped with a touch screen that is easy to use and intuitive to use.

The approval process for using the device has three different levels of selection:

1) Always on: the device can be used by anyone.

2) Activated by simply touching the FACE logo for 3 seconds.

3) Activated by contactless card (FSD1) or numeric code (FSD4) without the use of “mechanical” keys.

The FSD1 is also set up to interact directly with NFC-enabled smartphones.


FACE smart phone applications allow the management of FACE sliding and opening automatic doors.

You can use them simply by connecting your smartphone to the FSD1 function selector via the NFC connection, without buying any additional devices.


-Enable the function selector.

-Enter priority using smartphone as signal.

-Search for maintenance services.


-Set and modify the operating parameters.

-Remove the operating parameters of a door and load them into other installations that require the same operating parameters. Received parameters can be transferred via Whatsapp or via email to many recipients for consultation.

-Maintenance Diagnostics: reading alarms, number of cycles, etc. Parameters received can be transferred via Whatsapp or email to many recipients for consultation.

Automatic doors FACE

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Automatic doors FACE

Christoulakis Glass Creations cooperates with Italian FACE automations to supply and install Automatic doors in Greece. FACE is a company founded by a team of experts in the design, production and marketing of automation.Many of the most valuable features and innovations that characterize FACE’s quest for optimal safety, efficiency and energy savings are combined in the sliding Automatic doors and the swing Automatic doors.The FACE automatic doors are pioneered, and have complete equipment such as motion and presence sensors, electromechanical lock, battery kits for autonomous operation in the event of a power failure.

Energy saving

Compared to traditional automations, FACE guarantees a 54% reduction in electricity
consumption, creating the first real “ENERGY SAVING” automation on the market.
The keys to success are:
• Direct-drive brushless motor (elimination of the reduction gear);
• Electronic control power supply with Switch Mode technology.
The international recognition of this success is the winning of the INNOVATION PRIZE for
ENERGY EFFICIENCY at the R + T 2018 in Stuttgart.


Greater reliability

FACE Brushless Motor (by definition without brushes) is designed for its specific
application to FACE door automations in order to work at low rpm. It has a service life ten
times higher than conventional DC motors, thus eliminating the need of engine
The absence of the reduction gear also eliminates the maintenance costs deriving from its
natural wear.

Silence and comfort

The absence of brushes and the lack of the reduction gear make the automation
extremely silent and ideal for places that require a high level of silence. In
addition, the exclusive 3-stage FACE cushioning system minimizes the vibrations.
The shock-absorbing gaskets are placed between the support beam and the
motorized guide and between the latter and the carriage wheels sliding profile

FACE future-oriented control board

FACE base platform is powerful and unique. It is conceived from
the start for endless possibilities for developing
functions/software applications. In this way, FACE replaces the
sending of expensive electromechanical components with
simple files.
FACE makes available:
• Updated software that can be downloaded for free directly
on the Micro SD memory card, thus always allowing the latest
generation electronic control.
• Customized software design that can be sent directly to the
customer via e-mail for the immediate upgrade of the
electronic control.


FACE smartphone applications allow to manage your FACE sliding and swing automatic doors.
You can simply use them connecting your smartphone to the FSD1 function selector through the NFC
connection, without buying any additional device.


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